Top DIY Photography Backdrop in 2018

by Jenn

If you have a passion for photography, you’re probably broke. A decent camera and its accessories cost quite a lot, making this a notoriously expensive hobby.

Luckily, there are several ways to cut corners when you’re investing in your photography business. A DIY photography background is one of these. With a fun, customized backdrop, all your photoshoots and portraits could get just the right punch of color or contrast.

Never made one before

No worries

Let’s take a look at some of the best DIY Photography Backdrops | Denny Mfg. below:

Solid Color Backdrop

Solid backdrops are amazingly versatile for any kind of pictures. They’re also surprisingly easy to construct on your own. All you need are some 4×4 boards and some good quality paint. Proceed to paint the boards a uniform color, letting each side dry before you flip it over.

Use a different color on each side so you can switch things up as needed. The best part of this DIY backdrop is that you don’t have to worry much about storage or space issues. All you have to do is tack them against the wall when they’re not in use.

Fabric Backdrop

Fabric can give a warm tone as well as a unique look to any photograph. Best of all, it’s an incredibly cheap and easy DIY backdrop for anyone to make at home.

There are several ways to use fabric as a backdrop. If you want a simple, neutral color, tape the top of the fabric high up on the wall and let it cascade down to the floor. Use masking tape to avoid leaving marks on your paint or wallpaper.

Once you’re done with your photography session, you can simply roll it up and store for later use.

With a little imagination, a fabric backdrop can showcase a lot of potential. You can twist it, make it fall a certain way with the help of a chair, or otherwise customize it to your heart’s content with fabric paint and sequins. A velvet fabric could easily be parted and hung like a stage curtain, for instance.

Top DIY Photography Backdrop in 2018

Streamer Backdrop

It’s one of the most fun and colorful backdrops in existence. Undeniably, the streamer backdrop is a blast to set up, even if the cleanup isn’t too thrilling. All you need are some streamers, tape, and a ceiling.

You may choose to have a whole curtain of straight streamers falling behind the subject of your photograph. Alternatively, you can hang up several twisted streamers at intervals on the ceiling, with some balloons thrown in for effect.

Use this streamer backdrop at the next party you’re planning to throw. You can bet the kids will line up for possibly the most colorful professional shot they’d ever have in their lives!

Wrapping Paper

If you want a cool, funky background that doesn’t take much to set up, simply grab some gift-wrapping paper from your craft closet. This will result in a patterned background that will instantly make your pictures a lot more colorful.

All you need to do is hang the roll of paper from a curtain rod and let the end loose. You can then place another sheet right underneath to create a trim or floor effect. From there on, let the camera and you work your magic together.

Shelf Paper

Shelf paper, also known as contact paper, is an excellent alternative to paint. If you need a patterned backdrop that’s a little more permanent, simply put some of your favorite designs on a board instead of painting it. This takes a fraction of the painting time and gives the same versatile, storage-friendly result.

What’s more, you can also change things up when you get bored of them. Rip the old paper off or simply cover with a new sheet.


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