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It’s Wonderful! The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker XL

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It’s Wonderful! The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker XL


No doubt, you have seen the commercial on television for dishwashing liquid where the husband makes a spaghetti dinner for his wife and leaves the kitchen a complete mess with every pot and pan in the household used. I have to chuckle at my daughter as when she cooks, her kitchen looks the same. I have to introduce her to the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker XL.

It’s Wonderful! The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker XL

Although it is a necessity to cook, I find that I am not overly enthusiastic in doing so. I hate the mess that it makes when using multiple pots and/or pans to prepare a simple meal. Yes, crock pots are useful, but you can’t use them for every meal. I was introduced to the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker XL recently and must tell you that I don’t mind cooking now. Why? Because, you can use this cooker to prepare practically any meal that you plan. Yep, that’s right. That includes, your meats, vegetables, and even your bread.

Thank you to Tristar Products, Inc. for providing the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker for the purpose of this review. All opinions contained are 100% my own.

Wow! I can’t believe this cooker. It is fantastic! No need to use every pot or pan in the house to make a meal. With this cooker, you can use it as a deep roaster, Dutch oven, stock pan, shallow roaster, dual roaster, casserole dish, deep fryer, slow cooker, steamer, electric grill pan, electric skillet, chaffing dish, baking dish and grill pan. That’s right, it has 14 different functions!

The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker includes a grill pan, glass lid with oil infuser, crisper basket, roaster pan and fry baskets. The cooker includes a Recipe Book, as well, to get you started on the type of meals that you can prepare. You are able to utilize the roasting pan to cook your meat and your grill pan for your vegetables or potatoes, by placing the grill pan on top of the roasting pan, acting as a double cooker. Thereby cooking two dishes simultaneously and eliminating one pan to clean after your meal.
As with any new product, it is important to read the instructional manual first to access the full benefits of the product. The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker is no exception. Although the cooker is dishwasher safe, the company suggests that you hand wash all the pieces, so you don’t damage any of the surfaces. Naturally, since the surfaces of the cooker will be hot, be sure to use oven mitts.

I decided to try a couple of recipes contained within the Recipe Book. I made the Chili, and it tasted just as good as it looks in the picture. Hit the spot on this chilled day. When making the chili, I was able to cook all the ingredients in the same cooker, instead of browning the ground round in a skillet and then transferring it into a larger pan before adding the remaining ingredients.

I also made the No-Knead Bread. There is nothing better than freshly baked bread. Ummm, good. I can’t wait to make the Country Fried Chicken to test the fry baskets, but with my experience with the roaster pan, I have no doubt, I won’t be disappointed in the outcome. Oh, and for dessert when the grandchildren come over, I want to make the Ice Cream Sandwich. Truthfully, all the recipes sound really tempting, and oh, so easy. Best of all, I won’t have a sink full of dirty pots and pans to clean following the meal.

I haven’t mentioned that clean up is a breeze with its non-stick ceramic coating. Before using the first time, I washed all pieces of the cooker and was amazed that I was able to wash and dry all the pieces within a short five minutes.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker XL is available online in either an 8-piece set or a 20-piece set.

Don’t forget to stop by the company’s social media sites as well: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

If you are tired of washing every pot and pan in your house following one of your meals, you definitely need to get the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker! Don’t hesitate, hop on over to the company’s website today.


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