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Reasons we love the Polk Command Bar


If you love music, take advantage of streaming services, and have or want to create a smart home you should check out the Pok Command Bar at Best Buy.  We’ve been using it on our home for a little while and are totally happy with it.  It’s added great sound and looks fabulous, but there are so many more reasons to love the Polk Command Bar.

Reasons we love the Polk Command BarReasons we love the Polk Command Bar

Here are a few reasons we are loving the Polk Command Bar!

Built-in Amazon Alexa

If you use or have thought of using Amazon Alexa in your home you will love using it with the Polk Command Bar.  It’s easy to control, schedule and monitor your electronics using only your voice.  It’s AWESOME!

GREAT sound

WOW, thanks to the 260W total output power you will enjoy quality sound for all your favorite games, shows, movies and of course music.

Stream music

Easily stream music and listen to tracks stored on your compatible Bluetooth-enabled device.

Reasons we love the Polk Command BarIt’s sleek appearance

The Polk Command Bar has a nice sleek look and fits with most HDTVs to give you that streamlined look.

Quick and easy set up

It’s easy to set up and includes a High-Speed HDMI and Optical cables.  Plus, the 2” low profile design won’t block your TV’s screen

Compatible with Fire TV

With HDMI ports designed and spaced to fit Fire TV and other wide HDMI streaming devices.  Oh, and we can’t forget about the built-in USB port which powers original and 4K versions of Fire TV.

Works with any universal remove

Don’t worry, you don’t have to always use Amazon Alexa to control your Polk Command Bar.  Thankfully, it works with any universal remote and is easy to set up.

Perfectly placed tweeters

Polk knows sound quality, they placed the tweeters in the soundbar at either end so you have a better more powerful center channel drivers in the middle.

Four-speaker enclosure

This bad boy features two 1 ¼” x 3 ¼ “ woofers and two 1” tweeter drivers.  The sound is amazing, I love having it in my den for a real theatre like experience.


The Polk Command Bar consists of two parts – the soundbar and a stand-alone sub which is designed to connect wirelessly, giving you the freedom to place them right where you want them without worrying about the connection and yucky wires.

Reasons we love the Polk Command BarThe Polk Command Bar is a great way to bring the teater-quality sound into your own home.  The performance-tuned driver array along with wireless subwoofer give you an immersive experience.  I love the far-field microphones which allows you to control it with only your voice thanks to Amazon Alexa.

Learn more about the Polk Command Bar by visiting your local Best Buy or heading over to BestBuy.com.


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