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Six Tips To Keep Your Carpets Fresh and Clean


Are the carpets in your home worn down? Do you wish there was a solution to keeping your carpets looking exactly like the memorable day you had them installed? Below are six tips from Flooring By Design to keep your carpets as fresh and clean as the day you got them.Six Tips To Keep Your Carpets Fresh and Clean1.) Walk Off Mats

Consider keeping a walk-off mat inside of doors that are points of entry into your home. Or, alternatively, consider placing welcome mats outside of said doors. Having a replaceable mat that collects the lion’s share of dirt entering your home is a great way to keep your permanent carpets clean. Get a fun welcome mat that greets guests with a cute saying or, if you prefer, a more stylish walk-off mat to compliment the texture and color of your carpet. This will pay dividends by extending your carpet’s life.

2.) Move Furniture Around

Every once in a while, rearrange the furniture in carpeted rooms. Not only will this reduce the stress that is put on the carpet directly beneath the furniture, but it will also change up the foot traffic pattern of the room. Years and years of stepping on the same parts of your carpet will wear them down quickly. If you switch things up, it will increase the lifespan of the carpets in your main communal rooms by equally distributing the wear and tear.

3.) Protect Carpets from Heavy Furniture

For your heavy furniture items, like a chest or pull-out couches, be sure to protect your carpet with a cardboard or Styrofoam protective barrier. Every carpet installer will stress to you how important it is, especially when moving furniture around, to have something in between bulky items and your carpet to prevent tears and scrapes.

4.) Area Rugs

Even if a room is completely carpeted, it is a good idea to keep area rugs in high traffic spots. Having a protective rug will ensure that less wear and tear is dished out to your permanent carpet. Plus, rugs are easy and economical to clean. For example, Flooring By Design offers a monthly “Rug Spa”; a rug cleaning service in Durham NC that asks you to drop off dirty rugs at either location and pick them up the next day, fresh and clean.

5.) Protect from Sunlight

Did you know that exposure to sun is a burden on your carpets? Like other fabrics, carpets fade and weaken when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Simply closing the curtains, blinds or shades in a room not being used will ensure that your carpets are given some time to rest as well. This cooldown time will give your carpets a longer lifespan and is a great way to cut back your home’s energy bill by naturally keeping it cool.



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