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12 Creative Affordable Artwork Ideas for Bare Walls

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12 Creative Affordable Artwork Ideas for Bare Walls


Do you have bare walls that need a makeover?  There are several affordable artwork ideas you can use to dress up those bare walls in your home, from family photos, inexpensive artwork, mirrors or even whole wall murals the possibilities are endless.


12 Creative Affordable Artwork Ideas for Bare Walls

Here are some wall art ideas to give your rooms with blank walls a little personality or style.

Dress up a bare wall1.) Create your own artwork

This can be something as simple as adding a few big letters to a piece of construction paper and framing it or going all out and painting your own artwork.  You can create your own rustic artwork using burlap, paint, and stencils if you’re like me and need a little help in the painting area. My aunt did this in her living room and it looks fabulous.  Her boring wall is now the home of two burlap paintings.

If you are looking to step things up you can create your own wall mural at Wallsauce.com.  You can choose from a variety premade designs or upload your own pictures or artwork.

Dress Up a bare wall2.) Thrift store photos

Looking for something inexpensive, try heading to your local thrift store and picking up a few inexpensive pictures.

diy chalkboard3.) Create a DIY chalkboard

Creating a DIY Chalkboard might perfect, depending upon which room your bare wall is located.  Chalkboards work great kitchen or a child’s bedroom, a study area, or you can make a DIY Chalkboard Shelf and Backpack rack so the kids can keep everything neat and tidy and you can add little reminders on the chalkboard.

Dress Up Bare Walls4.) Consider hanging an old map

If you have an old map you might consider putting it to some use and using it to give your boring wall a little personality.  You can even use this to mark all your favorite destination spots and make it fun.

Wall mapIf you don’t have an old map, but love the look you can always bring your wall to life with Wallsauce and create your own wall mural.

Use a mirror to dress up your borning wall5.) Decorative mirror

Mirrors can dress up your wall why creating the illusion

Creative Artwork Ideas to Dress Up Bare Walls6.) Turn your bare wall into an out of this world experience

Who would have thought a bare wall could transform into an out of this world experience?  Using a space mural can take you into the dreamy starry nights, solar systems, and allow you to see a huge moon over the ocean to launching spaceships and lunar landscapes.  Wallace an awesome space wallpaper collection with amazing images taken by NASA.

Dress of Bare Wall7.) Adding shelves

Adding a few shelves and staggering them on a blank wall allows you to display things such as plants that cannot be hung on walls.  Plus, you can make the shelves stand out if you paint them a contrasting color.

8.) Turn your wall into a stadium

If you have a sports fan I’m going to bet they would love this stadium wall mural.  What fun it would be to turn your bedroom or man cave into a stadium where they can watch the games with the guys.  Creating a huge wall mural to give a room the feel of a stadium is easy if you use Wallsauce.com.

Affordable Artwork Ideas for Bare Walls9.) Wall tapestry or blanket

The right wall tapestry can do wonders for a bare wall and it’s inexpensive.  You can create your own do it yourself tapestry using a canvas drop cloth and permanent markers to make sure your wall art is exactly what you are looking for.

AFFORDABLE ARTWORK IDEAS FOR BARE WALLS10.) Finally, do something with those old magazines

Cut out a few of your favorite photos from an old magazine you have laying around.  Pop the picture into an inexpensive frame and create your own artwork.


Dress up a boring wall

11.) Bring the beach into your home

Dress up your bare wall and transform your room into a calm and relaxing space in your home.  Consider adding a beach wall mural to bring the blue skies, warm sun, and sand on the beach into your home all year long.


Affordable Artwork Ideas for Bare Walls12.) Create a wall mural

This is by far one of my favorites and probably the fastest and easiest way to not only dress up that boring wall but give a whole room a new look.  You can score made-to-measure wall murals from Wallsauce.com.

If you are looking for artwork ideas to bring your bare wall to life there is an array of images to choose from at Wallsauce!  Choose to browse their designer collection or fine art library.

Bring a boring wall to lifeIf you really want to bring your wall to life with something meaningful you can upload your own image at Wallsauce.com.  Yes, you can turn your favorite photos and artwork into a wall mural for your home.

Ways to dress up a boring wall

Create a wall mural using your favorite family photo or a photo from last years summer vacation.   You can dress up just about any bare wall and bring a whole new feel to just about any room in your home.  With Wallsauce the possibilities are endless!

Affordable Artwork Ideas for Bare WallsIf you are looking to dress up those boring walls you can bring them to life with a custom wall mural from Wallsauce.com.


Whether you are remodeling or just looking for artwork ideas to dress up your bare walls you can score a 10% discount at Wallsauce.com when you use discount code JENNIFERW777 at checkout.

Do you have any creative artwork ideas you’ve used to dress up the bare walls in your home?

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Wallsauce.  All opinions are my own.


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