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Facebook Portal Connecting Family & Friends Like Never Before


What if you could connect with family and friends, like never before? In a way that made you feel closer to them, maybe even in the same room even though you were 3 states away? Well, today I’m super excited to share the Facebook Portal, two amazing devices that will change the way we keep in touch with family and friends.

You will love Facebook’s Portal and Portal + device, they are just amazing and thanks to the Portal and Portal + we will get to experience connect with our family and friends like never before. Facebook Portal makes video calling easier than ever before and the experience is more like hanging out than video chatting thanks to the wide screen display you feel you are spending time together.

I received two Facebook Portal devices one for my home and the other I will be giving to my parents so they can call and talk to the kids. They don’t live in town and sometimes go a little too long without seeing the kids; I know they will love it and the girls will love being able to see grandma and pa when they call. I can’t wait, what an awesome Christmas gift right.
Facebook Portal Video Calling Like Never Before

Facebook Portal Connecting Family and Friends Like Never Before

You can get Portal in different sizes

Portal from Facebook is a 10-inch 120×800 display that allows you to video call family and friends handsfree!  Oh, and if you want something a little bigger you can get the Portal + 15-inch 1920×1080 display.  Have you heard the buzz about the new Portal from Facebook?

Chat while you are cooking dinner, doing dishes or whatever

Ability to move around and talk to family and friends more free with the Smart Camera and Smart Sound included with Facebook’s Portal and Portal +.

The voice, omg it’s just wow!

Portal does amazing things thanks to their voice enriching microphones that enhance the voice of whoever is talking, regardless of where they move in the room and it minimizes that awful and unwanted background noise.

The privacy everyone is so worried about

I know I have heard many people concerned about the privacy and security included with Portal.  Well, Facebook Portal was created with security, privacy and safetyin mind.  You’ll see it includes easy settings that allows you to contact your device. You can disable the camera and microphone with a tab and block the camera lense with the camera cover.

The AI technology

Plus, the Smart Camera using AI technology which runs locally on Portal and Portal +, which means they do not run on the Facebook servers and does not identify who you are.  There is no facial recognition included in Portal or Portal +.


Guess who comes built-in Portal and Portal +?  Amazon Alexa, so you can get the time, shop, control your home and tons more with the help of Alexa.

Portal is voice enabled and like other device, it only sends commands to Facebook servicers when you say “Hey Portal.  You can also delete your devices history in your activity log on Facebook. And, no need to worry Facebook doesn’t listen and keep or view your Portal video calls.. Your conversations will stay between you and your family and friend.

It works even if the other person doesn’t have Portal

Even if your friends and family don’t have Portal, you can still use Portal and Portal + to connect with them.  Just use your voice to call friends and family on Facebook Messenger, the calls can be made with tablets and smartphones.  Plus you can bring up to six people into a group call.

OMG, animation and augmented reality

Oh, and one of my favorite things about Portal is the fun children’s characters you can become while talking to family or even reading a child a bedtime story.  Does it get cooler than animation and augmented reality side effects!

Jam out together

If your friends and family have Facebook Portal, you can listen to music together as if you are in the same room together.  There are not any delays or feedback.<

Superframe is awesome
Oh, and let’s not forget about the Superframe that allows the Portal to display all your Facebook photos and videos, get birthday reminder and see when contacts are available.

Grab it at Best Buy just in time for the holidays & SAVE BIG at Best Buy

Right now when you purchase two Facebook Portals you can score a $100 savings. To learn more visit your local Best Buy store or head over to BestBuy.com.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.



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