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Pests Do Not Have to be Pesky

We’ve all been there. Late a night we are about to go to sleep and we see a roach run across our hardwood floors. Maybe we are about to sit down to breakfast and we see fruit flies coming up from the disposal on the sink. These are not thoughts we want in our heads as it only leads to bigger concerns such as bed bugs, rats and other critters that could be roaming around our houses.
Pests Do Not Have to be PeskyRather than going through the day wondering what is in your basement or crawling around in the walls of your house, it is best to contact a reliable pest control company that can ease your mind. Fortunately, there are a number of pest control companies in almost every major city and town in the United States. Many people would prefer to use a pest control company that has been around and has hundreds of reliable reviews online.
Word of mouth tends to work with most home repair and general services, but asking on Facebook or discussing pests with your friends is probably not the best conversation. Instead, Googling or looking at online resources to find the best pest control company in your area is likely the method to determine who you will call.
If you reside in the state of North Carolina, Cleggs is the most well known and reputable pest control company. They have over a dozen locations throughout the state from Asheville to Wilmington and everything in between. Even if you live in the most remote Western North Carolina town, Cleggs will be more than happy to come to your home to solve your pest control problem.
No matter what type of critters or pests you are concerned with, Cleggs has a plan to assist you and your family. There is no job too big or too small when it comes to pest control and Cleggs. If you start service now, you will qualify for some of their coupons and discounts. You can find their specials and promotions here.
Do not allow bed bugs, roaches or any unusual sounds in your floorboards or walls to keep you up at night. You will be able to sleep easier knowing spiders, ants, and crickets are not going to invade your home.

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  1. Melanie November 2, 2018
    My neighbor has had a multiyear ordeal with endangered bats in his attic. If he's ever able to sell, I'll make sure to suggest WNC and Cleggs.

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