Take Charge of Your Health! Order Lab Test from Home, Without a Doctor

Did you know you can order lab tests from home, without a doctor?  Yes, we are finally able to take charge of our health and be in the know when our health is concerned. Whether you are just getting older and want to keep tabs on your health, check hormone levels, test vitamin D levels, or you are feeling sluggish and you are not getting anywhere with your doctor you can take charge of your health and order lab test from home from a online from a trusted place like Health Testing Centers

Take Charge of Your Health Lab Tests You Can Order from Home Without Your DoctorTake Charge of Your Health!

 At some point in our lives, we will need to have a general lab test of some sort.  While they can be scary, they are worth it. A simple blood test and regular check up’s with our doctors can help find and treat certain diseases early.  The earlier we find health issues, the better so we can seek treatment when it’s most effective.

Blood tests can give you and your doctor valuable information about your health and wellbeing.  Blood tests help detect health risks, infections and health conditions, diagnose disease, determine our overall health, nutritional status, check for infectious diseases, pregnancy tests, checking for pregnancy-related conditions along the way, allergies and what triggers them and more.

Thanks to Health Testing Centers we can take charge of our health and order lab tests from home, without our doctor! I recently used their service and highly recommend it, everything was quick, easy and now I’m in the know when it comes to my health.  Here is a little more information about Health Testing Centers lab tests you can purchase from home.

Take charge of your health with at home lab testsWhat lab tests can I purchase online?

There are too many blood tests available at Health Testing Centers to name them all.  There are seriously thousands available direct to you.

Health Testing Centers offers tests on a variety of health conditions such as allergy, cancer screening, diabetes and kidney function, drug testing, heavy metal/toxins, immunization, liver function, STD testing, thyroid function, infectious diseases, and more.  They also offer at-home test kits like the one I received which is the Women’s Combination Health Panel Plus at-home test kit.

Lab Tests you can purchase from home from Health Testing CentersWhat’s included in the at-home lab test kits?

It depends on the test kit you purchase.  Different tests will contain everything needed for you to have your blood test completed.

Lab Tests You Can Order from Home, Without Your Doctor from Health Testing CentersWill I have to pay additional lab fees?

This is one of the first questions I had, and I was pleased to learn I was not responsible for any additional lab fees.  Just pay for the test, visit the lab, and get your results.

Lab Tests You Can Purchase From HomeWhere can I go to get my lab test done?

There is a variety of locations you can visit to get your lab tests done.  To find a lab near you visit Health Testing Centers handy lab locator.

Do I need my doctor to order the lab tests before I can place an order online?

Nope, it includes the doctors order you need in your purchase.  There is no need to visit or speak with your doctor to get tested.  When you visit it includes the lab everything them need on your test requisition form.

Lab Tests You Can Order from Home, Without Your Doctor from Health Testing CentersWill my results be private?

All your test results are private and confidential.  The only people who will be provided with the results are you and the ordering physician.  It will be up to you to give a copy of your results to any other healthcare providers.

Can your results be sent to your physician?

Yes, but you will be required to sign a Medical Release Consent form, which can be requested from Health Testing Centers.  However, keep in mind it’s super easy to login to your account and download your results for your doctor.

How long will it take to get my results?

You’ll receive an email from Health Testing Centers when your results are ready.  Most results are available within one or two business days from the time you visited the lab.  However, some tests can take longer.

Lab Tests You Can Order from Home, Without Your Doctor from Health Testing CentersHow it works

1.)    Visit HealthTestingCenters.com and purchase the health test you want.

2.)    Visit a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics lab location.

3.)    Get your results

Take Charge of Your Health Lab Test You Can Order from Home Without Your doctorTake Charge of Your Health! Order Lab Test from Home, Without a Doctor

Health Testing Center started their mission in 1980 with 4 facilities in South Florida where they had a phlebotomist who would collect their blood specimens and then sent them off to Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp for testing.  In 2008 they launched their website which changed everything.

Health Testing Center works nationwide giving their customers access to laboratory testing so they can better understand their health data.  They work nationwide with laboratories like LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics and other premier specialized laboratories.  Today, thanks to Health Testing Center we have access to at home lab tests which can be purchased at HealthTestingCenters.com without visiting our doctor.  And, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Lab Tests You Can Order from Home, Without Your Doctor from Health Testing CentersI received the Women’s Combination Health Panel Plus home test kit tests, which measures the amount of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), freely circulating triiodothyronine (T3), and free Thyroxine (T4) to test thyroid function.  I’ve provided a little more detail about the test I received below.  

  • Using a saliva sample the test kit measures the level of Estradiol in the body.
  • With a saliva sample measures amount of unbound Progesterone and testosterone in the body.
  • The test measures the levels of Cortisol in the body with four saliva samples.
  • Level of thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies to help understand the cause of thyroid disorders.
  • Measures the level of DHEA in the body using a saliva sample.

Save on your next lab test from Health Testing Centers

If you are interested in ordering lab tests from home you can even score a little savings.  Visit HealthTestingCenters.com, choose order your lab test from home, and add promo code JENNIFERW777 to score a 10% savings on your next lab test from Health Testing Centers.




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