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4 Ways to Economize Without Feeling Deprived (2018 Edition)


Frugal living is one of the most popular categories we cover here on the blog — so it’s time to revisit this topic with a brand new 2018 edition featuring up-to-date tips for how to reduce household expenses without feeling deprived. The trick is finding some places you can dramatically cut your spending without thinking twice about what you’re giving up, instead of cutting out things you’d really miss. Here are 4 ideas:

Tips To Help You Save Money In 2016

  1. Slash Your Energy Bills by Sealing Leaks Around Your Windows and Doors

If you use an air conditioner or heater at home, heating and cooling can add a significant amount of money to your monthly cash outflow. Giving up heating and air conditioning all together would be silly. On the other hand, there is no sense in overpaying for heat that is leaking right out a window when you can spend a measly $5.00 – $10.00 at the hardware store to buy a window sealing kit.

  1. Use Wool Dryer Balls to Reduce Laundry Drying Time

The clothes dryer is one of the most expensive home appliances people use regularly. Hanging your clothes out to dry in the sun is the least expensive option; you can really cut your power bills down if you stop using the dryer all together. Since that isn’t a practical solution for a lot of people, dryer balls are the next best option. If you add 3-4 dryer balls to your dryer along with your wet clothes, it can help to reduce your usual dry time by up to 20 minutes — every single time you run the dryer. Over time, that can add up to a lot of long-term savings.

  1. Replace Burnt-Out Light Bulbs With Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

LED bulbs cost more upfront than their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts, but you don’t have to replace them as frequently. In the long term, LEDs are far less expensive than other types of lighting. They consume 75 percent less energy than other comparable types of lighting, which can result in noticeable and significant reductions in your monthly power bills. Analysts working on behalf of the US Department of Energy have estimated that consumers in the USA will save a combined total of $30 billion in energy costs by 2027 if we all switch to using LED light bulbs.

  1. Find a Better Value on Your Health Insurance Plan

You can use apps or the internet to compare costs on all kinds of things, including health insurance coverage. It’s wise to perform ahealth insurance comparison periodically; this could help you to find a much better deal on health insurance coverage than what you’re currently paying.

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