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Secrets to Making Your Home Smell Fresh When You Have Pets


Pets bring a lot of joy and laughter into our lives. However as much as you love them, there’s no getting away from the fact they can also leave a distinct, unpleasant odor in the home.

Secrets to Making Your Home Smell Fresh When You Have Pets 1Getting rid of this odor can seem like an impossible task, but the good news is, it’s totally doable. Here, you’ll discover the secrets to making your home smell fresh when you have pets.

Start with a deep clean

If you really want to eliminate the odor, you’re going to need to undergo a thorough cleaning of the house. This means, taking pieces of furniture apart, such as lifting the cushions off the sofa and vacuuming every inch of it, including the cushions.

Try to get into as many crevices as possible. That way, you’ll remove all pet hair and debris which could be contributing to the smell. Once you’ve done a deep clean, it’s important to keep on top of it by cleaning daily.

Invest in a mist or diffuser

To keep the home smelling consistently fresh, it’s worth investing in a good quality mist or diffuser. You can purchase these through stores such as Neom Organics, which specialize in luxury scented products. Choosing the right diffuser will help you give a personal touch to your home and create positive vibes.

Open windows and doors regularly

Opening your windows and doors, even just for a few minutes each day, can really help to eliminate pet odor. You may not even realize it, but having the windows constantly closed can create a stale, unpleasant smell. This can really zap your mood, as well as leave you feeling lethargic. Opening the windows provides a blast of fresh air, leaving the home smelling cleaner while also helping to boost the mood.

Invest in a carpet cleaner

Carpets and pets can be a nightmare combination in terms of odors. So, it’s worth investing in a good quality carpet cleaner. Working much like a vacuum, a carpet cleaner will leave the home smelling fresh while eliminating deep debris such as pet hair, which may be contributing to the smell. Using the carpet cleaner once a week, or even once a month will help to significantly reduce the smell.

Overall, it isn’t easy to keep pet odors at bay, but the above tips will really help. There’s a lot of products out there which will simply mask the smell but giving the home a good clean and opening the windows regularly will help to eliminate the odors completely. It may take some effort, but your hard work will pay off, leaving you with a fresh smelling, pet odor-free home.


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