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Hey Moms, What Do You Know About Your Baby’s Gut Health


This post is sponsored by Evivo but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The first six months of our babies life is magical and stressful because we are still new moms trying to get in the swing of things but there are all sorts of amazing milestones that help keep us grounded during the most stressful of times.  Just think back to the first smile or one of my favorites is their first laugh, I don’t know if it gets better than the first time you hear a baby laugh.
Hey Moms, What Do You Know About Your Baby's Gut Health

About Your Baby’s Gut Health

Babies do so much in the first six months of their lives it is easy to get swept away in the moments, but it’s also important that we understand just how critical not just the developmental milestones are but also the ones that have a lasting impact on our baby’s future health.

During the 1st six months of baby’s life their metabolism and immune system are developing and whether or not your baby has B. infantis in their gut is critical during this stage of their life.
Hey Moms, What Do You Know About Your Baby's Gut Health 1

Why, is it so important my baby have B. infantis in their gut during the 1st 6 months of thier life?

Baby needs the good gut bacteria that help improve and protect their gut microbiome, which is B. infantis.  This good bacteria is transferred from mom to baby naturally during vaginal delivery, but due to modern medical practices and our lifestyles 9 out of 10 babies are born without this healthy bacteria.  This is huge and may have something to do with the increase in metabolic and autoimmune conditions such as allergies, diabetes, colic, obesity, and eczema.

How do I know if my baby has healthy gut bacteria?

There are three questions you can ask yourself to help learn more about your little one’s gut health.  The 3 question Baby Gut Check will help you find out if your baby is one of the 9 out of 10 who are missing B. infantis.

Before I provide you with the questions. I want to let you know that if you answer yes to any one of the three questions your little one could be one of the 9 out of 10 babies missing B. infants.  Which means that the harmful bacteria which is linked to the increased risk of allergies, obesity, colic, eczema and even diabetes can thrive in their gut.

  • Questions 1: Where you or your little one born via C-section?
  • Question 2: Were you or your little one given any antibiotics pre0deliver or post pregnancy?
  • Question 3: Does your baby have a diaper rash or 5+ watery poops per day?

Hey Moms, What Do You Know About Your Baby's Gut Health

Why would it matter if you or your baby were born via C-section?

If you or your child were born via C-section it means you did not encounter moms’ good bacteria.  The good bacteria help to develop a healthy gut microbiome in your little one that could have long-term health benefits.  95++26+526

Why would it matter if you or baby were given any antibiotics pre-deliver or post pregnancy?

If you received antibiotics, it’s likely they eliminated the good bacteria such as B. infantis and the bad bacteria such as Group B Strep in your gut.

And, what does my baby’s poop have to do with B infantis?

Okay, poop is a good sign when things are good and can be a sign of bad if you are worried.  The number of times your baby poops can be a good visible sign of “good” or “bad” bacteria in their gut.  Babies with good bacteria tend to poop less because they can absorb the nutrients from the breastmilk better than babies.
Hey Moms, What Do You Know About Your Baby's Gut Health

What should you do if you are concerned about your baby’s gut health?

Evivo is where it’s at mom, seriously!  It is the first and only clinically-proven probiotic for babies!  Yes, it restores B. infantis to the baby’s gut and helps to reduce the bad bacteria that is linked to health issues while they are young and even later in life.

Hey Moms, What Do You Know About Your Baby's Gut HealthThe benefits of using Evivo are definitely something you shouldn’t’ ignore:

  • Together with breastmilk Evico is clinically proven to restore good health
  • Reduces harmful bacteria in your babies gut, especially those linked to higher risk of diabetes, colic, allergies, obesity, and eczema.
  • Evivo captures all the special nutrients (HMOs) from breastmilk that would otherwise be indigestible by your baby and converts them into more nutrients for them.
  • Makes a protective internal environment in your baby’s gut
  • Fewer better-formed poops
  • Evico helps to develop your little one’s metabolism and immune system

Hey Moms, What Do You Know About Your Baby's Gut HealthI’ve been using Evivo for a while and I actively recommended it to my family and friends.  It’s great, and I’ve seen a difference in my little ones.  If you are still on the fence about it, talk to your doctor and learn more at Evivo.com.  Plus, be sure to check out all their reviews, it’s done amazing things for a lot of baby’s.

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