Natural Remedies for Kids & Winter Wellness Tips

by Jenn

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It’s time to think about natural remedies for kids and winter wellness. There are several reasons kids get occasional coughs, and a number of symptoms can accompany them.
Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Natural Remedies for Kids & Winter Wellness Tips>

Here are a few natural remedies for kids’ occasional coughs and winter wellness tips to help you.

Make handwashing a rule. Practice good hygiene, but be realistic about germs and handwashing. Teaching kids about washing their hands is a priority in my home because it is the best and simplest tip to keep germs at bay.

However, my kids have also taught me that no matter how hard I try, I cannot keep them from every little germ. I used to stress myself out during the winter months trying to keep germs away. Well, that was until my daughter gave me a much-needed lesson in the reality of kids and germs.

When my daughter was about two years old, I took her to use a public restroom. Everything was great, she was even excited to wash her hands until I accidentally turned on the cold water. It was over; meltdown city. I had to hold her up and help her wash her hands while she was crying. When we were done, the next thing I knew she was lying down and pushing herself across the floor. I mean, it sorta looked fun, she wasn’t crying, her hands were clean, but that was the day I realized it was impossible to keep her away from every germ.

My point is, practice and teach good hygiene, but don’t stress yourself out trying to keep them from everything because you can’t. Even the healthiest people suffer from occasional coughs. Over the years I’ve learned it’s just as important to have natural remedies on hand for winter wellness.
Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep!

Coughing can wear your child out, and their bodies require a lot of energy to fight an infection. Rest can help them recover sooner.

Rest is a simple way to strengthen our children’s immune systems.
Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Steam up the bathroom

Take your child into the bathroom, shut the door and run a hot shower so it gets nice and steamy. Sit in the bathroom with the steam for about 15 minutes to help loosen congestion before heading off to bed.
Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Consider adding pillows

If your child is over one year, use extra pillows to elevate their head, back and shoulders because the pillows can make it easier for them to breathe.


To help relieve your little one’s occasional cough, you can use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Adding moisture can help loosen mucus so you and your child get better rest.
Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Chicken soup & other warm liquids

Serving your child warm chicken soup can help soothe sore throats because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Soup and warm drinks may soothe your child’s throat and occasional cough.

Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Keep them hydrated

When your child is feeling under the weather, hydration is critical. Dehydration could worsen their symptoms and possibly slow down recovery.


I love probiotics! Giving your child a probiotic can do amazing things for their digestive and immune systems. To promote a healthy gut, you can feed your kids a diet that is rich in probiotics such as yogurt, and/or you can use a daily probiotic supplement from a trusted brand like Mommy’s Bliss.
Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Natural Cough Syrup

Giving your child a natural cough syrup likeMommy’s Bliss Organic Cough Syrups can help relieve occasional coughs and help your little ones have a restful night.
Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips<

Why Mommy’s Bliss?

Who knows what moms need better than other moms? Well for starters, Mommy’s Bliss was founded Roshan Kaderali: a mother, midwife, pediatric nurse and doula who used Gripe Water to ease infant colic and fussiness while working in Scotland. Roshan moved to the U.S. and learned this amazing Gripe Water she relied on in Scotland wasn’t available. So in 1999 she went out on a mission to create a safe and effective Gripe Water in the United States, and this is how Mommy’s Bliss was born.
Mommy’s Bliss offers products made specifically for children using the purest formulas possible because they believe simple is better. Their products are made using organic ingredients when possible and do not contain artificial colors, soy, gluten, or dairy, and they are free from the 8 most common allergens.

Mommy’s Bliss organic cough syrups are made using two key ingredients to offer relief and immune boosting effects:

  • Honey or Agave: Honey is often used to relieve occasional coughs, so honey is an ingredient in the two syrups for children over 12 months. Since honey is not recommended for children under 1 year of age, Mommy’s Bliss uses agave in the two varieties for babies. Plus, it’s sweet so they like it!
  • Elderberries – Mommy’s Bliss uses a European elder fruit, known as elderberries, that has been used to ease symptoms associated with coughs since ancient times by herbalists and founders of western medicine.

Here are the Mommy’s Bliss Organic Cough Syrups available:

  • Baby Plus Immunity Boost
  • Baby Night Time
  • Kids Plus Immunity Boost
  • Kids Night Time

You can also get 20% off all Mommy’s Bliss products at Target with this Cartwheel offer through 12/8!

Natural Remedies for Kids Coughs & Winter Wellness Tips

Parents can’t always prevent their little ones from occasional coughs, but they can be ready with natural remedies to help relieve some of their symptoms.

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