Inexpensive Heartfelt Gift Ideas + Mother’s Day Coupon Book Printable

by Jenn

Between Christmas, birthdays, and baby and bridal showers, I feel like I am always searching for great gift ideas from the heart. I didn’t realize just how beautiful a gift from the heart could be until I had children who now bless me with handmade gifts, coupon book printable for mom they have filled in with tasks they think I’ll love, drawings and little notes that say I love you almost daily.  It doesn’t matter how many letters they write, pictures they draw, or crafts they make each one is just as special as the last.

Growing up my mom would always tell my siblings and I that she didn’t want us to buy her anything.  She wanted us to spend time doing something special for her – drawing a picture, making a card, painting her toes, or something else we mustered up.  Oh man, and we did manage to cook up some pretty great things.  I honestly thought my mom said that because she didn’t want us to spend our money on her.  WRONG, yet again!  She did mean it!

The whole being a “grown up thing didn’t kick in for me until I had my daughter.  I remember looking at her and knowing I was a different person; I just felt different.  I’ve always been scared of getting old, but I’ve recently realized there is good to getting older and it’s that you become wiser, suddenly those materialistic things that used to matter don’t.  The kid’s drawings, coloring pages, notes, rocks, sticks all have a place in my heart.

Now I understand, my mom wasn’t just telling us not to get her anything because she didn’t want us to spend money.  She asked us to spend time with her because she knew what I am learning now! Time is much more valuable. She knew that we were growing up fast, and she wanted to spend as much time with us as possible.

Heartfelt gifts often get overlooked. Let’s not forget the little things that matter, like opening a card one of your kids made that makes you reflect back to that day when you received it.  Every time you look at that little handmade card, it puts a smile on your face and it likely will for many years to come.

Inexpensive Heartfelt Gift Ideas & Mother’s Day Coupon Book Printable

Here are a few of my favorite inexpensive and heartfelt gift ideas for everyone and every occasion and I think you’ll like the coupon book printable for Mom.

1.) A Million Reasons Why – Spend some time thinking about the reasons you love someone and capture them on paper.  You can have fun with it too (scrapbook or poster collage). 

2.) New Traditions – You can do this by writing a letter to a newborn, one for them to read on every birthday until they’re 18.  You can also assign this to guests at a baby shower.  Each table or person will be asked to write the letter for a particular year. I think I would end up doing both; I already write my daughter letters because I want her to know how special she was to everyone in her life, and it’s a budget-friendly gift.  All you need is paper, pen, and of course paper and packaging products so you can personalize, customize and let your love shine through.

3.) Time capsule – Life passes us by much too quickly which is why I think I’m liking the idea of a time capsule so much and to make things even better you can do this with your spouse, the whole family or both.  To make a time capsule with a couple or a family (for a birthday, new arrival, etc.), create a package that captures what’s going on in that milestone year and bury it. Then make plans to dig the time capsule out in 25 years.  Isn’t that such a fun idea?

4.) The getaway box – Surprise a loved one with a staycation, dream trip or just an evening out with a themed essentials box. For example, stuff a box with microwavable popcorn, DVDs, and a cozy blanket and give the gift of movie night. Or, surprise the kids with a Disney themed items (hats, sunglasses, an autograph book) to announce a summer vacation to Disney.

5.) Map & Photo frames –  A great way to showcase special places you have in the world with loved ones is to frame maps of different sizes. It’s super affordable and unique because most of it comes from the heart.  All you need to complete this heartfelt gift idea is a map, highlighter, and picture frames.  Now highlight important places on the map (home, favorite vacation, wedding location, etc.).  Frame images from each site to create a gallery wall.  How fun is this, my husband would love it.  I have been thinking about doing this for our anniversary since I heard about it the other day.

6.) Favorite recipes – Everyone loves food, and we all have our favorite dishes, but isn’t it always so thoughtful when someone acknowledges your favorite recipes?  Creating a custom recipe card to bring a special someone’s favorite dishes to life and packaging with the ingredients is a unique and thoughtful gift idea for anyone.

7.)  Photo Calendar – These are fun, unique and heartfelt.

8.) The Gift That Keeps Giving – Show you know someone by footing the bill for a magazine or subscription box service.


9.) Scrapbook – I love scrapbooking. It’s a great way to spend extra time because you can work at your pace without any stress and get as creative as you like.  I’m currently making scrapbooks for all the kids.  I update them as things change in the kid’s life.   I love it because each page that I create is a reflection of who they once were. They grow up too fast.

Mother's Day Coupon Book Printable10.) Ultimate Coupon Book Printable for Mom – Coupon Books are by far one of my favorite gifts to give as well as receive.  In my opinion, every mother should get a coupon cook for Mother’s Day and it shouldn’t matter if you have kids living at home or not.  Yes, my mom still gets a coupon book every year for Mother’s Day, and she loves it but dang she hangs on to her cards until the last minute.  I, on the other hand, do not have that kind of self-control.  I use two at a time have one child doing my hair and other painting my toes.  I’m telling you, get your mom a printable coupon book.

Printable Coupon Book

I rarely get treated like a queen, so I eat it up when I get a coupon book for Mother’s Day.  You can make mom, grandpa, etc., feel special through a series of hand decorated offers that promise things like “an afternoon by the sea” or “breakfast in bed” and let the kid’s imagination bring fulfillment to life.

Oh and look at that, a free car wash as long as I use it after 6 pm!  I can do that!

Who wouldn’t love a coupon book where the tasks are not only created with them in mind but where they can choose a few of their own.  So I wanted to share our Coupon Book printable for Mom with you.  I’ve included a few with tasks already included but left some blank for you to fill out or leave so mom can fill them out when she decides to use them.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, mom’s birthday or you just want to do something sweet for mom I’m going to bet she’ll love this coupon book printable for mom so we are sharing it with you.  You can download the Coupon Book for Mom here.

paper and package wrappng

Do you realize we used paper for each of these beautiful gift ideas from the heart?  We can even finish our gifts from the heart with paper and packaging items to show personalization, customization, and thoughtfulness, regardless of the event or milestone.

Have you ever stopped to think about just how important paper and packaging products are to our way of life?  We use them every single day for numerous different things.  My kids definitely wouldn’t be able to make it through the day without paper and packaging products.  Seriously, they use them for all sorts of stuff such as:

Party On With a Skittles Tourney Game & Cupcakes Decorating ContestGames their aunt Lorena helps them make up.

kids drawingOf course, they are always drawing something to hang on the refrigerator.

kids having fun with a boxMaking their fun little box apartments or whatever they made with this one lol.

kids and boxesTurned out pretty cool right!  I have some crazy but oh so creative kids that’s for sure, but they are not the only ones who use paper and packaging products in their daily life.

Inexpensive & Heartfelt Gift Ideas for Everyone (1)Paper and packaging products not only make life more convenient but they also help us solve problems, unleash our creativity, learn about the world, connect us with family and friends in personal and meaningful ways, and they also help us create contributions that support a more sustainable future.  Paper and packaging products often go unnoticed, yet they are an essential part of our lives.  Learn more about The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds ™ campaign by visiting

Which gift idea from the heart do you like best and how would you use paper and packing products to help you show personalization, customization, and thoughtfulness, regardless of the event or milestone (e.g., anniversary, first birthday, baby shower, etc.)?

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds ™ campaign.  All opinions expressed and children shown are my own.  Enjoy!  Don’t forget to download your Coupon Book Printable for Mom.

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Sarah Kurtz April 25, 2016 - 10:36 am

What awesome ideas! I remember making a coupon book when I was young. Now the memory book would be great. Thank you for the ideas!

Mai T. April 25, 2016 - 7:56 am

Whatever gift we give, being with us is what moms want the most. So we all should make time and visit more often.

Tamra Gibson April 24, 2016 - 1:31 pm

My Mother used to tell me the same thing. Unfortunately , my Mother wasn’t one to hang it on the fridge or anything so I learned from her that kids love it when you acknowledge and show off their heartfelt gufts. Heck i have poems and notes that are over 15 years old still out either in frames or put in a book. All the ideas above r great


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