Using CBD Oil For Your Pets

As you may know, CBD oil is a great nutritional oil that is easy for our body to digest and provides a number of health benefits for humans but how much do you know about using CBD oil for your pet?  As a pet owner, I found myself wondering if CBD oil could help my pets too.  I do know that CBD oil and marijuana are not the same nor do they have the same effects on people so I am totally open to learning more about it and possibly using it on my pets, especially my poor dog.

I have a blue healer who is terrified when she hears fireworks, thunder, and other loud noises.  The fourth of July is fun for all of us but she spends most of her time between our legs shaking or curled up on the couch inside, it’s seriously heartbreaking.  If you’ve ever felt anxiety watching a dog suffer from it is heartbreaking.  I wish I could just explain to her what those loud noises coming from the shy are and tell her she is safe and there is no reason for her to be scared, but I’ve tried and it doesn’t help.  This past 4th of July was terrible, for hours her whole body was shaking and there wasn’t anything I could do to help calm her down or make her feel safe.  The last thing I want is to give her a strong medication full of chemicals but I would definitely love to find a natural remedy, like CBD oil to help her stay calm when she is experiencing anxiety.

Using CBD Oil for Your PetsUsing CBD Oil for Pets

Since dogs, as well as most other mammals, have a very similar endocannabinoid system to process cannabinoids that humans have using CBD oil can offer relief and health benefits to your pets.  However, I think it’s important to note that using your CBD oil on your pets isn’t always a great idea.  It’s best to use CBD oil designed specifically for your pets and formulated with concentrations to help make sure your pet gets the correct dosage.  Plus, using CBD oil designed with your pet in mind makes giving it to them easier for you and a happier experience for them.

Come to find out CBD oil can help pets with both chronic and acute diseases and without the side affects conventual medication have. There are a number of articles online with people saying CBD oil has helped with their pets with a number of issues and they don’t have to worry about the side effects that come with traditional medication.

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety sucks and it’s hard to watch your pet deal with anxiety and not be able to help them.  Dogs cannot express their feelings and anxiety can be hard for them to deal with.  CBD oil may help ease some of your pet’s anxiety.  It helps to calm them down so they do not react to anxiety in a destructive or negative way. CBD oil might not be able to help with all pet anxiety but it is can help relieve anxiety in many cases.

I’m going to get some CBD oil for my dog and give it a try.  I’d much rather use something natural like CBD oil than give her traditional medication with a number of side effects.

Using CBD Oil for Your PetsPain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis 

Like people, dogs experience painful inflammation due to osteoarthritis and CBD may offer them relief.  While it doesn’t cure osteoarthritis it can help by reducing the symptoms of pain to help our aging dogs continue moving and living a less painful more active lifestyle.  If I can do anything to improve the quality of my pet’s life without side effects and all that yucky that other medications have I’m going to give it seriousl consideration.

Recovering from an injury

Like people, dogs get injured and the fastest way to recover from an injury such as a broken leg or deep cut is to rest.  The same properties that help ease anxiety in dogs can help keep dogs relaxed while they are healing.  Using CBD oil they are less likely to want to move around a risk making the injury worse.  The CBD oil can fasten healing because it triggers an immune response.

Using CBD Oil for Your PetsRecovering from surgery

Also, if you have a dog who’s recovering from surgery it’s likely best they move around as little as possible but keeping a dog bedridden, well it can be a task.  CBD oil offers dog owners an all-natural way without side effects to help their pets recover from surgery faster.  You don’t have to stress all the nasty and possible long term side effects other medications often have.

CBD oil can also be used to treat nausea, stress, symptoms of cancer, gastrointestinal issues, and other health conditions.  If you have questions or are unsure about using CBD oil for your dog or cat you should talk with your veterinary.


CBD oil has been shown to help dogs with epileptic seizures.


Need something to help your dog with nausea?  CBD oil may be just what you need because it can help stop vomiting and help your pet get their appetite back.


Using CBD oil can help relieve your pets stress levels and prevent destructive behavior.

Using CBD Oil for Your PetsGI issues

Hemp seed oil can offer relief from bloating, diarrhea and gas.


Yes, CBD oil can be an effective way to relieve pain your pet may be experiencing.


May stop cancer cells from growing.


CBD can also help with inflammatory bowel disease in animals.

Cancer symptoms

It may alleviate many of the symptoms of cancer in dogs.

Using CBD Oil for Your PetsI have not used CBD oil for my dog yet, but I will be ordering some for my dog.  I do have a friend who’s been giving it to her dog with cancer and swears by it.  She says it’s helped her dog start eating again and he’s even more active and doesn’t just lay around and sleep all day.  It’s not going to change cancer, but it’s increased his quality of life.  If you want to learn more about people’s experience with pet CBD oil do search online, there are several pet owners who share their experiences with CBD oil for dogs.

How do you give CBD oil to your pets?

Thankfully giving CBD oil to your pets doesn’t have to be difficult because there is plenty of great CBD oil product that is designed specifically for your pets.  I’m planning on ordering CBD pet treats, it seems like the easiest and tastiest way to give my dog CBD oil and you can get CBD pet treats in many flavors and formulations that your pet will love.

Have you used or are you currently using CBD oil for your dog or cat?  If so please leave us a comment and let us know, I’d love to hear more about your experiences using hemp seed oil whether it’s for yourself or your pets.  Hearing other’s really life experiences with things helps me in making the best choice possible for me and my family.  And, yes of course my pets are without a doubt but a huge and very important part of the family.

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