Keep Your Babysitter Happy: Things Parents Can Do

by Jenn

I love spending time with my kids, but I also understand that I need some time to myself and date nights with my husband.  Sadly, finding a good sitter isn’t easy which is why it’s important to keep your babysitter happy once you find one you like.  It’s hard to trust people with the little munchkins that you love more than anything in this world.  Something I have learned over the years is that I don’t want to bounce through babysitters.

Keep Your Babysitter Happy: Things Parents Can Do
I personally ONLY look for a babysitter by asking people I know and trust. I’m sorry, but I’m not into all those websites and ads in the paper. I want someone I know and trust to recommend someone to me. It helps me feel better when I’m leaving my kids until I get to know the person better, which is the ultimate goal right – a babysitter that you can regularly, that you and your children like. That’s what I look for anyway, and it’s why I think keeping your babysitter happy is so important.

Keep Your Babysitter Happy: Things Parents Can Do

Keep Your Babysitter Happy: Things Parents Can Do

Until recently my kids have had the same babysitter.  Looking for someone new to watch my kids wasn’t easy either, once I found someone I liked made sure to do things I knew would make her see how much I appreciated her help.  Gosh, I remember babysitting.  There were some people I would drop plans for and others I would pretend like I couldn’t speak English when they called and asked me to come back.  The last thing I want to do is run off a babysitter I like by treating them the way some parents treated me when I would watch their kids.  So I decided to make a list of things you can do to keep your sitter happy!  Yes, there are things parents can do to keep their babysitter happy, so they stick around longer

Keep Your Babysitter Happy: Things Parents Can DoThink of things your child can do with the babysitter

Find a few things that you think your child would enjoy doing with the babysitter so they can get to know one another and have a little fun together.  Even if your child is too young to play, pull out some books, music or something for them to do together.

You don’t have to do the 1st time babysitter every single time.

Once someone has watched your children several times you don’t have to go over every little detail with them.  Of course, it’s an excellent idea to give them an update if things have changed, but if they were just at your house two days ago, it seems silly to go through the whole process.  A quick rundown and asking if they have any questions might be better.  Unless of course, you don’t trust they will remember and in that case, I’d be looking for a new sitter.

Don’t forget they need to eat too

Sure it’s an excellent idea to make a list of rules conserving food, especially if you have a child who is allergic to certain foods.  You’ll probably want to let them know all the other details about your kids and their eating habits too – what time the kids usually eat, what they can have for snacks, drinks, and whether or not your child is picky about certain things. Just don’t forget that they need to eat too and they probably don’t like baby food.  At least let them know what you have in the fridge and counters for them.  Make them feel comfortable while in your home.

Keep Your Babysitter Happy: Things Parents Can DoExtra is always a good thing

Make sure your babysitter has enough of everything they may need such as diapers, wipes, tissues, food, etc.  Running out of something means they will have to call you or snoop around your house for more, neither of them is something they want to do.

Rules you have in place for the home

Please don’t be scared to tell you babysitter about your house rules.  If they are good at their job, they don’t want to break your rules and make you unhappy.  In all fairness if you don’t tell them you can’t get upset.

Be home when you say you are going to be home or pick up the phone

OMG, this used to drive me crazy!  I don’t know if it was because I watched kids for my mom’s friends or what but they NEVER came home on time.  They say they’d be home by eight but not walk in the door until after midnight!  Seriously, no phone call nothing!  Be sure to call your sitter if you are going to be late and make sure she doesn’t have plans and can stay.  You’ll have a better relationship.

Keep Your Babysitter Happy: Things Parents Can Do

Talk to your kids before your babysitter shows up

Be sure and speak to you children so they understand that they must listen to the babysitter while you are away.   Just make sure the kids know they can’t just walk to the store and call you to come home lol.

Back up your sitter or at least talk to her before jumping the gun

Rather than disagreeing with the rules your babysitter makes for your children speak to her. Don’t tell you, kids; they don’t have to do that because they no longer see your babysitter as an authority figure that they need to listen to which can be dangerous.  It’s better to visit with her, find out why she

If your child isn’t feeling well be sure to tell your sitter

Wouldn’t you be a tad bit upset if the babysitter showed up to watch your kids and she was sick?  You’d at least want her to call you so both could decide on whether or not it would be a good idea for her to come over, right?  I know I sure would, and I think our babysitters deserve the same respect. So if your child isn’t feeling well just a quick phone call will at least show her that you respect her.

Since when was babysitter and maid the same thing

When I was a teen, I used to watch my mom’s friends two girls, and I hated it when she would leave me a darn to do list. Seriously, it’s not my house, clean it yourself!  Unless you talk to them about cleaning your house for a little extra money I would avoid the to-do cleaning list.

Luvs Diapers In Diaper Bag
Please, just leave the list of information in one or two different places.

I leave everything in the fridge – numbers, addresses, toys, books, things they need to know about the kids.  When the sitter comes over, she always knows where it is.  Don’t scatter things in different rooms so I have to go searching.  Remember, your babysitter doesn’t want to feel like they are snooping around your house.  It’s just weird.

Don’t wait for your little one to stop crying

Don’t wait for them to finish you’ll only make it worse for your child.  Of course, tell them goodbye, give them a kiss, and let them know you’ll be back soon, but then go.  Children stop crying once their parents shut the door behind them.  If you are worried about it, let me know, and I’ll text or call you when they stop.

If you want to have a good relationship with your sitter, call them beforehand to see what they like

Call or text your babysitter a day or two in advance to find out what they like to eat and drink.  If you’re planning on being out late, you might even ask her if there is a particular movie she has wanted to watch for after the kids go to bed.  Seriously, let them know you are thinking about them and their comfort while they are in your home too.  Nobody likes to feel like they are unimportant.  Plus, when people know you are willing to do nice things and go out of your way for them they are typically ready to do the same in return.

finding a good babysitter
Gosh, make me sound cool or something so your kids are happy to stay with me

I do this now as a mother, and it helps my kids focus more on the fact that they will have someone else to talk to rather than the fact mom is leaving for a few hours.  Make me sound exciting and fun, don’t focus on the fact you are not going to be there.

If you’re going to be out late, remember your babysitter might want to sleep.

Be sure to leave your babysitter a blanket or something so they can get comfortable after the kids have gone to sleep.  I remember having to pull my arms in my hoodie to stay warm because I didn’t want to go snooping around for a blanket.

tips for finding a good babysitter who will stick around
At the end of the day, it’s the small things that are easily missed because we are so wrapped up in getting everything ready for our kids before we leave that keep your babysitter happy.

I know scoring the perfect babysitter probably isn’t possible but there are some great sitters out there that your kids will love and if you give them a chance you might end up wanting to keep them around.  It’s easier to go and do things once you have established a relationship with someone and it will be easier for you to leave. You might even find yourself getting the opportunity to run errands by yourself, you just never know what can happen if you keep your babysitter happy lol.

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What’s something you think every parent should consider if they want to keep a babysitter? Leave us a comment we would love to hear your thoughts.

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