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Road Trips With Kids – Testing Parents Limits Everywhere!


With spring right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about good old road trips with kids! Oh yes, the road trips that are testing the limits of parents everrywhere.  While I enjoy going out of town things can get a little stressful traveling with kids even on a short 4-hour car ride.  I know, 4 hours isn’t long for an adult, but to children, it’s forever.

Road Trips with Kids Testing Parents Limits Everywhere

Road trips with kids, test the limits of parents everywhere!  I firmly believer kids test us on purpose. I mean don’t get me wrong raod trips with kids can be wonderful if you are prepared. It only takes one unprepared road trip with a child. After that you’ll probably overprepare just to be safe lol.

Don’t get me wrong most of our road trips start out GREAT!  Everyone is happy, smiling and we might even play a few games and chat but after about an hour the kids don’t wanna play “I Spy” anymore and well talking to mom isn’t so much fun.  I mean, they do it everyday don’t you know, lol.

Road Trips with Kids Testing Parents Limits Everywhere

The above photo is only 30 minutes into our road trip and Vayda didn’t even want to be in it with us and we had to stop to get something out of Mattie’s bag in the very back.  So, this is why I have to bring along things to keep the kids busy while we are traveling and I’m not even going to fib, I let my kids watch a lot of YouTube when we travel because it’s easy, they enjoy it and it keeps everyone happy for most of the drive.  Thankfully, there is WildBrain’s YouTube content, which I have grown to trust will always only show kid friendly content. They are amazing and have great shows my kids like such as the the Tiddleytubbies, Ellia Sparkles (one of my daughters favorites), Kiddyzuzza, and many more.

My girls have recently started watching a show called Kiddyzuzza, which is pretty cute and not your typical princess show.  Children can join Princess Oliva, Lilliana, Isabella, and Esme on some crazy fun adventures with some pretty crazy inventions, magic and teamwork to save Kiddyzuzaa Land from the evil witch named Malice.  Each princess brings something unique and special to the show:

Road Trips with Kids Testing Parents Limits Everywhere
  • The fun and kind leader of the group is Oliva, who never seems to abandon her morals and always bring everyone together.
  • Esme reminds me of my daughter, she loves to make a mess and is sort of the troublemaker of the group.  And her magic spells, well let’s just say they never work out the way they are supposed to.
  • Isabella is the “princess” of the group.  I say that because she loves to have fun, but enjoys being pampered and clean.  She also can control things, animals and people with her mind.
  • Lillianna is the problems solver of the group.  She is smart, fun, and has a magic screwdriver she invented.  
  • Malice, of course, is the evil witch who is always up to no good.  She casts spells, teleports and is very powerful.

Kiddyzuzaa Land is a new magical world that is home to the modern day princess and in March WildBrain celebrated the launch of Kiddyzuzaa Land which is an animated series for the already popular Kiddyzuzaa YouTube Channel.  The new series features the same, fun, and personable Kiddyzuzaa princesses that fans love but, like they have not seen them before. The four diverse princesses still work together to save their home from the evil watch who is always attempting to mess things up.  Good always conquers evil, which is a good message to send our children.

Road Trips with Kids Testing Parents Limits Everywhere

One of my favorite things about Kiddyzuzaa is how the message they send our young girls.  I try encourage my girls to be themselves and not worry so much about what everyone else is doing, wearing or saying.  Being a young girl isn’t easy, I remember and wanting to be “cool” or “fit in” is important but so is being yourself, accepting people for who they are and loving yourself because being unique and not following the crowd makes you stand out.  Which is my favorite thing about Kiddyzuzaa, they really encourage our young girls to be themselves!

Kiddyzuzaa is a great show, my girls love it and I appreciate the message they send out.  Oh, and the fact that our road trip will be a lot less stressful with shows like Kiddyzuzaa by WildBrain, lol.   

Be sure to head over to YouTube and join the 2.5 million subscribers on the Kiddyzuzaa YouTube Channel.  Let’s just say there is a reason for their 2.5 million subscribers – Parents approve and trust content by WildBrain and kids love it! So head over to the Kiddyzuzaa YouTube Channel and subscribe.

To see what Kiddyzuzaa is all about I’ve included the below YouTube video, they have plenty more on the Kiddyzuzaa YouTube Channel.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Wild Brain. All opinions are my own.


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