Tips for Helping Your Daughter Prepare for Prom

by Jenn
  • This post was sponsored by Amazon. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Prom is an exciting time for our teens, as parents, we want to be part of their big night but we can also be too overpowering, which can often lead to friction and arguments if we don’t give our teens enough freedom.  To help reduce the stress and friction that can arise between parents and teen here are a few tips for helping your daughter get ready for prom.

Tips For Helping Your Daughter Prepare for Prom

Tips for Helping Your Daughter Prepare for Prom

Here are a few tips for helping your daughter prepare for prom without being too pushy:

Set a budget

Vayda is heading to prom this year and she wanted to do her own shopping.  I wanted to help her shop, to make sure she was being a smart shopper but I also understand her wanting the freedom to choose her own dress, shoes, accessories and more.

Rather than handing over my credit card I gave Vayda an Amazon Teen account with a limit of $300, which helped protect my bank account and gave me peace of mind because I could review her order before it’s placed.

Create a list

Rather than missing out on anything, Vayda and I decided that we needed to come up with a list.  We would list the must-have items first and the extra items later on the list. If she had enough left in her budget she could purchase the extra items on her list.  These worked great because she could shop from the top of her list and work her way down. The first few items on her list for prom was:

Tips for Helping Your Daughter Prepare for Prom

  • The Dress – With the Amazon Teen Shop, Vayda didn’t have to search high and low for the perfect prom dress.  To make things even better, it didn’t break the bank she could stay well within her budget with a little extra money left to purchase other fun items for her big night.

Tips for Helping Your Daughter Prepare for Prom

  • Shoes – The perfect dress must be accompanied by the perfect shoes.  Vayda decided on the DREAM PAIRS Women’s Weitz Ankle Strap Rhinestones Low Wedge Sandals to go accompany her perfect dress for prom.
  • Lip Gloss – Vayda found the prettiest butter LONDON Glazen Lip Glaze for her big night, I can’t wait to see it on her and the way it puts the finishing touches to her beautiful evening look with a sprinkling of fairy dust.

Tips for Helping Your Daughter Prepare for Prom

  • Accessories – We can’t forget about the perfect accessories to accompany the perfect dress.  Vayda went with the Miraculous Garden Teardrop Crystal Rhinestone Necklace Earrings Jewelry Set that was under $12 and one cannot complain with Free Two-Day Shipping that comes with our Amazon Prime membership.

Vayda did include a few extras such as:

Displaying Memories – Vayda found the Umbra Hangit Photo Display using her Amazon Teen account for under $20.  This is a fun DIY picture frame collage that includes picture hanging wire twine cords, natural wood wall mounts and super cute clothespin clips for hanging pictures of her big night.  It will definitely be a fun way for her to display the memories from prom in her bedroom for years to come. Plus, she can update and add pictures as she pleases.

Tips for Teaching Teens The Value of a Dollar

Give them room to make errors, and offer shopping advice

Since prom is now more than just one night: “prom-posals” are now flashier than ever before, dress shopping can take weeks and will create memories that last a lifetime.  Amazon is an awesome one-stop shop for everything our teens need for the perfect prom. From the dress and shoes that will put them in the spotlight and make them feel like a princess to the games and décor for the perfect after-prom parties, Amazon is the perfect place for teens to shop without breaking the bank.

There are great budgeting tools available to help teens learn how to budget their money but it’s been my experience, nothing beats real life experience. We all must make mistakes, but they are sometimes the best way to learn, and we must give our teens enough room to make mistakes.

One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is by setting Vayda up with her own Amazon Teen login that is connected to my account. This allows her to have the freedom to shop on her own, but before anything is officially purchased I can review and approve the order.  Yet, this leaves room for GREAT teachable moments.

Vayda having her own Amazon Teen login has proven to be an awesome way to teach her not only the value of money but also how to become a savvy online shopper. Your teen can have their very own login, thanks to Amazon Teen, which is set up for teens 13 to 17 years of age. Teens can now create their very own login and shop using the Amazon app anytime and anywhere they like, but you have the comfort knowing that their login is connected to your account. The best part is that us parents still approve all orders and can even set pre-approved spending limits. Having their own Amazon Teen login gives teens a customized amount of autonomy that changes and grows along with them. To learn more or sign your teen up you can visit

Teens Shop on Their Own, Parents Stay in the Know

I’m sure you can already see all the amazing benefits of your teen having their own Amazon Teen login, but here are a few of the many reasons I’m loving my teen having her own login.  

Review and approve orders via text message

They can go crazy, but not so crazy they create a mess with your credit card or bank account.  They have just enough freedom to learn to become savvy online shoppers with the help of their parents.  Being able to review and approve orders via text message is convenient and still allows room for those teachable moments while protecting ourselves and our teens.

Tips for Helping Your Daughter Prepare for Prom

Manage how your teen pays

I have several credit and debit cards listed on my Amazon account.  Amazon thought about this and gives parents control over which payment methods our teens use to shop.  

Enjoy your own account again

OMG, this calls for a celebration!  We get our personal accounts all to ourselves again.  Since our teens will have their very own login their preferences and recommendations will be associated with their login. So, we can keep our gifts a surprise, and our recommendations are just that, our recommendations.

Share select Amazon Prime benefits for no extra costs

Yes, if you are a Prime member you can share your benefits such as Free Two-Day Shipping, access to in-game loot with Twitch Prime, and Prime Video.  You can also add an additional adult to your household so they too can enjoy the benefits of Prime. With Prime Video, you can limit the content your teen can access (so you can block mature content).  You can easily change the settings in your account.


Manage where their items are shipped

We also have control over which address they send their purchases to, which helps provides comfort that their purchases are being shipped to people we know.

Amazon has thought a lot about our teens and Amazon Teen is a great way to teach my teen how to become an independent and savvy online shopper.  It gives them the independence and freedom they seek while still allowing me a way to manage my teen’s online shopping.

To set up your teen’s Amazon login, you’ll want to visit and follow the directions to get your teen set up and the profiles linked.  You’ll be amazed at how independence will help your teen start to learn about smart shopping online while still giving you just enough control to guide them along the way.

This is a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of Amazon as part of Mom It Forward.  All opinions are my own.

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