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13 Things To Add To Your Wedding Registry


Planning on getting married anytime soon?  Have you thought about things you’re going to add to your wedding registry?  I wish I had put more thought into my wedding registry.  When you think about what items to add to your wedding registry, remember the items you choose should be to create experiences.  If you’re starting a home you’ll want items that help with the experience – camera to capture memories, items to turn your house into a home, etc.  

Planning for a wedding can be stressful, but only if you let things get out of hand.  I still remember planning mine, I was nervous, but everything turned out perfect.  Looking back, I shouldn’t have stressed as much as I did, because it wasn’t about the things we had, or what people thought.  I finally found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, the man I wanted to marry.  This was our day, and I remember every little detail about that day. 

Lucky for me my aunt told me how important setting a wedding registry up was, lol.  I seriously wouldn’t have had a clue.  I wasn’t thinking about weddings gifts, but I’m thankful for every last one of them because they helped my husband and I to the next stage in our life.  Since then we have turned a house into a home, made lasting memories, started a family, and still have plenty more experiences to go. 

Things To Add To Your Wedding from Best Buy13 Things To Add To Your Wedding Registry

I shop at Best Buy all the time and if I could go back and make a wedding registry from Best Buy here are 10 times I would defiantly include:

  • Quality Camera – You’ll want to capture photos of your life together.  There are tons more experiences to have, and memories to make be sure you capture them with a quality camera.

Relaxed young  couple watching tv at home

  • LED Smart TV 4K Ultra HD TV – You’ll want a good TV for more than a relaxing evening at home.  You’ll want one for all the at home date nights.
  • Home Theater System – Having a home theater system will make your relaxing evenings and at home date nights that much better.  I always feel like we’re at the movies and it just adds to the experience together.
  • Philips Hue Bulbs – They’re perfect for creating the right mood in any area in your home.  Add some music both of you and enjoy…
  • Bluetooth Speakers – Your Bluetooth Speakers will not only come in handy for dates nights, but gatherings, if you listen to music while you clean, or workout.  I personally don’t know what I would do without my Bluetooth Speakers, I listen to them almost daily.

Grilled BBQ T-Bone Steak stock photograph with roasted red peppers

  • Nice Stainless Gas Grill – There’s nothing like cooking on the grill when you’re entertaining guests, spending an evening alone, or even cooking for the family.  We use our gas grill all year long, it’s one of our best investments.
  • Ninja Kitchen System – This is by far one of my favorite kitchen tools.  Whether it’s making something for dinner or creating an awesome smoothie I use our Ninja several times a week.
  • Nice Pot and Pan Set – Don’t forget to ask for a nice set of pots and pans so you can cook up some yummy meals.
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer – I seriously don’t know what I would do without mine.  It’s another kitchen gadget you’ll appreciate once you have it in your kitchen. 
  • Keurig – If you drink coffee, you’ll love owning a Keurig.  It makes brewing you a cup of coffee a breeze!

Irish stew in a slow cooker pot

  • Crock Pot – Another great kitchen gadget to add to your wedding registry is a Crock Pot.  You’ll enjoy some awesome slow cooked meals for years to come.
  • Laptop – In today’s world we need a good computer and a laptop can be used in the office as well as the kitchen.  It’s perfect for starting your home together.
  • Tablet – We take our tablet on all our road trips.  I can relax while my husband drives and check email, work, or watch a movie.  If needed I can also help my husband navigate by looking up direction.

Register for date night!  Cook up something special using your slow cooker or Kitchen Aid mixer, create the mood with your Philips Hue bulbs, and enjoy some tunes together with your Bluetooth speakers.  Then finish the evening by curling up and watching a movie together.  All your upcoming date nights can be special, an experience to remember, and you don’t even need to leave the house.   

What are a few items you would add to your Best Buy wedding registry?


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  1. Kelly O'Malley August 21, 2015
    We got a wonderful set of pans when we were married. There is not a day that goes by that I do not use them and think of the people that gave them to us :)

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