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6 Things To Do Before You Exercise


This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Regardless of the type of exercise we all have some type of pre-workout routine do having a pre-workout routine is essential.  Whether you are into yoga, lifting weights or even riding horses for your workout plan without a pre-workout plan it’s hard to focus on what is important–the exercise.  So I’m sharing what I do before exercising so that I can put more focus into getting the most out of my workout.

6 Things To Do Before You Exercise6 Things To Do Before You Exercise

1.) Get enough rest

You have to plan in advance and make sure your body gets the rest it desperately needs.  Your body will feel better and your body will be able to get the most out of your workout with the proper amount of rest.

2.) Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is another key to success, be sure you are drinking enough water and keeping your body hydrated before you begin your workout.  Not only will you get more out of your workout your body will appreciate your attention to keeping it hydrated.

3.) Eat

You probably don’t want to eat a huge meal right before you workout, but you do want to eat healthily and make sure your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs your body will thank you and give you more energy to complete your daily workout.  

Oranges make an awesome pre-workout snack because they provide us with a quick source of energy.

6 Things To Do Before You Exercise 14.) Plan

I’m the world’s worst at planning, but planning your workout will help you stay focused on your workout and maybe even make things a little extra fun.  The last thing we want to do is allow ourselves to hit burnout mode with our exercise plan and spending a little time to plan your workout can help you get the most from your workout and keep you engaged.  It’s also a good idea to have your gym bag prepared with everything you’ll need in it, and don’t forget Degree UltraClear Back+White Dry Spray Deo.

5.) Create a playlist 

Do you have a few songs that help “pump you up”?  We all do, and creating a playlist with music that helps you get that added spring in your step can help you get more out of your workout.

degree motion sense6.) Deodorize

Really, we should make deodorizing an essential part of our day, period.  Nobody wants to smell bad, and we definitely want to make sure we are not all stinky when we are exercising.  Using the right deodorant is an essential part of my workout, as well as my day.  I need a deodorant that is going to work with me, not against me, like Degree UltraClear Back+White Dry Spray Deo.

I’m sure most of us have experienced the dreaded white stains on black shirts or yellow stains on white clothing, right?  Gosh, I know I’m not the only one, lol.  Whether it’s marked on your favorite white summer dress or yellow marks on your favorite little black dress or old raggedy t-shirt you won’t give up, the struggle is real and we’ve all experienced it at some point and time.  However, we can all take a deep breath now thanks to Degree UltraClear Back+White Dry Spray Deo!  Yes, Degree has us covered!

6 Things To Do Before You Exercise 2So whether you are heading out on the town for a girls night, a date with that special someone, preparing for the perfect exercise routine or just chasing kids around the house, Degree’s UltraClear Black+White Dry Spray Deo an essential!  Not only does  Degree’s UltraClear Black+White Dry Spray Deo protect against yellow stains and white marks on clothing it goes instantly dry for a cleaner feel, protects you against wetness and odor for up to 48 hours, is dermatologist-tested, alcohol free, AND contains motionsense technology which releases bursts of extra protection when you move!

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