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Amwell Offers Urgent Care Services for Cold and Flu Season


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Amwell, all opinions are my own.

Who has time to get sick, especially this time of year?  I mean not only does being sick slow you down, fitting in a doctor appointment isn’t easy, but this time of year it’s often hard to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season.

Not only is it cold and flu season, but it’s also a busy time of year for many of us.  Not only are the kids back in school and have after-school activities, but it’s almost the holiday season.  It’s often difficult to fit in a doctor appointment.  Thankfully there is another option,  Amwell online from your computer or tablet in the comfort of your own home.  Urgent Care services are now available at Amwell as well. Innovative HealthCare For Your Family With The Amwell AppIf you’re not familiar with Amwell, it’s an excellent service that allows you to see a doctor online in the comfort of your own home.  If needed Amwell doctors can give you a prescription and help you or your family get to feeling better without ever leaving your home.  Which means, no more waiting at the doctor’s office, missing work, or changing your schedule to meet the physician’s office schedule.

Not only can you get same day appointments with Amwell, there are doctors available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you don’t need an appointment!  Yes, just sign in and start your visit.  Your information is kept safe and secure it’s totally worth trying, especially since you can use code BLAHBLAH to save 50%.

dotpharmacy doctorAmwell can treat a variety of conditions – bronchitis, allergies, pink eye, UTI’s, depression, stomach flu, strep throat, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, sinus infections, cold sores, bee stings, and panic attacks to name a few.  To see all the conditions Amwell doctors can treat you’ll need to visit their website.

Amwell Offers Urgent Care Services for Cold and Flu Season | Amwell Offers Urgent Care Services for Cold and Flu SeasonAmwell can handle most issues that arise quickly and easily from your computer or cell phone.  To use Amwells service just head to Amwell.com use code BLAHBLAH to save 50%, sign up, choose your doctor, enter pharmacy information, and start your visit.  I’ve used Amwells service a few times, and I simply love how easy everything is, and the doctors have been amazing.

Amwell’s urgent care service is awesome as well.  My appointment was quick and easy.  So much easier than taking myself and kids to the doctor’s office and sitting in their waiting room for who knows how long.  Plus, I can’t count how many times my kids or I have ended up sick after sitting in the waiting room t the doctor’s office, especially during cold and flu season.

Online Doctor VisitSo would you try Amwell’s service at least once?  I definitely recommend it, just give it a try once I’ll even give you a code to help you save 50% off your first doctors visit.  If you join and use Amwell’s service before 12/31/2017 save 50% by using code BLAHBLAH.  Typically a visit costs $59, with your 50% off code that’s only $29.50, it’s totally worth it.  Plus, your fee could be less if you have insurance, you’ll have to sign up and input all your information first.

Amwell is an excellent service and totally worth giving a try but do keep in mind that it might not work for every single thing that comes up.  There are times when you will need to visit your doctor or local emergency room, but for most of our day to day treatments, Amwell is perfect.  To learn more or sign up visit Amwell.com.  Feel free to look around a bit first.


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