Five Reasons To Travel To Alaska

by Jenn

I love Alaska, it’s definitely an amazing playground for any family who enjoys being outside, the wilderness and seeing animals that you can only see in Alaska. There is definitely more than five reason to travel to Alaska so be sure and do your research because the five I’m including are just the beginning of my favorite things to do, my kids they’ll probably give you five totally different activities lol.

Five Reasons To Travel To Alaska

There are plenty of reasons to visit Alaska here are a few of my personal favorite reasons to visit Alaska:

The beautiful wilderness – This is what it’s about, right?  Most of the wilderness is the rares in the US, which that alone in my opinion is a reason to visit.

Reasons to Visit AlaskaAnimals – Alaska has it all – bald eagles, bears and even moose!  The experience is amazing and if you are traveling with kids, it will be an experience they never forget.

Beat the crowds – I’m sorry, I can do big crowds, but when it comes to a visiting a place like Alaska I want to stay away from the huge crowds at amusement parks, and things of that nature.  I want small crowds, nature, fresh air, and to unplug so I can spend quality time with my family and forget about all the stress back home.

Mountains – Oh WOW, the mountains!  If the wilderness and wild animals are not enough to make you want to travel Alaska, try the mountains.  Even if it’s just for the view of the mountains flying in, WOW!

Glaciers – Even seeing a glacier from the plane makes me happy, lol. It's just so amazing.Glaciers –  Even seeing a glacier from the plane makes me happy, lol.  It’s just so amazing, who doesn’t want to see a glacier.  This is another awesome experience you can enjoy together as a family.

Memories that will last a lifetime – Visiting Alaska will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime for both you and your kids.  The funny things your kids will do, the bonding moments you shared and yes probably all the little stressful events that take place when you travel.  People often forget to mention those, but they are as important as the rest.  Plus, it’s REAL TRAVEL right, all of lifes little mishaps that happen when we are traveling with the family.

Of course, like any vacation with the family you can’t forget about a place to stay so be sure to check out the Hampton by Hilton in Alaska, depending upon which area you decide to visit.

The great thing about the Hampton by Hilton in Anchorage and Fairbanks is that they not only offer a shuttle service to and from the airport, but a business center, fitness center, free wi-fi, and we can’t forget about their beautiful clean rooms and the Hampton’s FREE hot breakfast, which is super yummy.   To learn more about the Hampton by Hilton or book your room for your upcoming travel plans vist the Hampton by Hilton website.

This post is sponsored by Hampton by Hilton. All the opinions expressed are my own.


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Gina Chang December 28, 2017 - 2:35 pm

I live in the Yukon, which is right next to Alaska in Canada, and I have to dispute the “beat the crowds” point. If you plan on visiting Alaska on a cruise during the summertime, it will be extremely crowded. However, when I visit in between cruise ports, it is quite peaceful.


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