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Taking Your Children to the Dentist Can Be Fun


Gone are the days when parents are afraid to take their children to the dentist. Now, parents and dentists are working together to make the entire dental experience is enjoyable for children of all ages.

kids teethThe dental team at Lane & Associates recommends the following tips to help you get your child excited about getting their teeth cleaned and checked out at the dentist:

1. Find the Right Dentist for Your Child

Some dentist offices have a better environment for children than others. Be sure to select a dentist that has experience with children and an office with fun features such as books, games, and contests.

2. Create a Dental Report Card

Children are often nervous to go to the dentist because they are afraid they will have cavities or get in trouble for not brushing or flossing their teeth enough. Create a dental report card, which features a calendar of the year and room to place stickers every time they brush and floss. Bring this report card to the dentist office and show it off in order to boost your child’s confidence.

3. Let Your Child Wear Their Favorite Outfit

If your child has a favorite sweater or t-shirt they feel most comfortable in, allow them to wear it to the dentist. They’ll be in a good mood and less likely to feel anxious at the dentist.

4. Reward Your Child

Tell your child that they will receive a reward if they do a good job at the dentist. Whether it’s a dinner they love, additional video game time, or trip to the ice cream shop, they’ll get excited to visit the dentist.

By taking advantage of these tips, you can turn the dental experience from stressful to entertaining for your child. Lane and Associates offers a fantastic dental experience at their Raleigh and Durham offices.

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