Twenty-Three April Fools Day Pranks To Make You Giggle!

by Jenn

I stink on April Fools!  Normally I forget that it’s April Fools Day until the first prank has been pulled, normally by my husband first thing in the morning.  This typically puts me in a bad mood for about 20 mins, then once I am over it I have to worry about my kids ganging up on me!  It’s like this day everyone is out to get mom.  Today my teenage daughter has been trying to prank me, but so far she has not done it… Which is fabulous for me, because while they are at work and school I am sitting online coming up with all kinds of un April Fools Day Pranks to get them back with.  YUP, sounds mean maybe, but you have no idea what I put up with on a daily basis with these people.  

Anyway, while I was looking around I found some pretty fun, some totally mean, outrages, crazy April Fools Day pranks that I thought I would share, lol.  A few of them make me want to give whoever the prank was played on a hug, lol.

Twenty-Three April Fools Day Pranks To Make You GiggleTwenty-Three April Fools Day Pranks To Make You Giggle!

The first two Aprils Fools Day pranks are mine!  They are rather mild, lol.  I don’t have the heart to cover someones car in tampons, but I can honestly say today is the first day I have missed working in the office.  We always did such fun April Fools Day jokes!  

Whether you are looking for Aprils Fools day prank ideas, or you just want to laugh a little, I hope you enjoy our Aprils Fools Day Prank Roundup!

April Fools Day Jokes

It’s actully pretty funny just how long it takes people to figure out that the tab of the can is turned backwards, lol.  It is also one trick I never fall for since I don’t drink anything out of a can! 

funny pranks for april fools day

This one just isn’t cool, and I have had it done to me several times.  Every single time I restart my computer, and all kinds of stuff!  Normally I catch on about the time my wonderful husband starts laughing.. HAHA, today joke is on him! I cannot wait!
When the automatic seat moves into my wife’s driving position…

Most of the office has left, let the games begin... - ImgurMost of the office has left, let the games begin… – Imgur

My coworker's idea of April Fools; putting my desk flair in the vending machine - ImgurGreat April Fools Day prink for anyone who has keys!  Makes me wish working at the office… Imgur


My all-time favorite for April Fools Day Prank- ImgurThese are my favorite kind of April Fools Day Pranks.  They don’t hurt anyone, make too big of a mess, and are funny!  So doing this to my husband, he will never expect a thing.  I owe my husband for the past year of picking on me while I am in her shower.  Imgur 

April Fools Pranks


I don’t know if I would do this, but thought some of you might like it, lol.  I just know my poor husband wouldn’t stop sneezing for a month.  Imgur

04 - pvdVTw9 

hahahahahahahaha! Imgur

April Fools PranksOMG, I thought this was snow when I first looked… That is two bottles of dish soap, man someone is a mean.  I sure hope they are planning on cleaning that mess lol!   Imgur

April Fools PranksHAHA, that’s just mean! I bet they wouldn’t have done that if they drove a big truck! Imgur

April Fools Pranks

I can’t lie, I have always wanted to do this to someone, lol! Imgur

April Fools PranksI have done this to someone! Clean up was not fun, but it was so worth it lol!  Imgur

April Fools PranksWell at least it’s only a dollar, lol!  Imgur

April Fools PranksOMG, I would cry! That just isn’t even funny!  Okay, maybe but I still would feel so bad for whoever takes a bite. Imgur

April Fools Jokes

OMG, wow I would scream, and I am not a screamer! Imgur

April Fools JokesOMG, I feel so sorry for whoever takes a bite.  I am sorry to anyone who has ever had this prank played on them. I hope you got that person back BIG TIME! Imgur

April Fools JokesOkay, so I have done this to my husband and it didn’t scare him at all.  I am still to this day trying to make that man scream.  I am thinking I need the airhorn. Imgur

April Fools JokesOkay, so I might do this one to my teen daughter, lol.  She has been trying to prank me all day.  She even called me from school to tell me she was getting in trouble, lol.  I didn’t fall for it, but my husband did, and aksed me to look for awway to get her back.  I think this one will be going on the list, she always puts on deodarent after she gets home from practice.  Imgur

April FoolsI have seen this one before, and always wanted to do it.  I think it’s funny, and love that nobody will be hurt or end of not being able to hear for the next 4 weeks Imgur

creative ideas using duck tapeThis is a good one, lol.  They say Duck Tape works for everything right!  I mean I have seen plenty of creative ideas using duck tape before, but never…. Imgur

office pranks for april fools


Another fun one for around the office – Imgur

pranks for the officeI just love this, I don’t know who has all this time on thier hands, but it’s great! Imgur

Co-worker Revenge - ImgurI love this, lol! I feel so sorry for whoever owns this car, lol.  On another note, I kind of wonder what they did to make someone want to do this, lol.  Imgur

Have you had any April Fools Day jokes played on you today?  If not tell me the best April Fools Day prank you have ever played on someone, or had played on you.













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Paula Morgan April 1, 2014 - 9:30 pm

Reading all of your April Fool’s Pranks… makes me SOOOO happy I live alone with just my dog!! LOLOLOL


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